find the perfect gifts for her this Valentine's Day. Shop 14k yellow gold jewelry perfect for the holiday and share the gift of love.

Best Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Get your special someone an unforgettable gift this Valentine's Day. There are a lot of stigmas that come with jewelry on Valentine's Day, but that doesn't mean you can't get a little creative with it! In the end, what's most important is getting a meaningful gift for your loved one that will last as long as your love! Still unsure what to get? Don't sweat it. We're here to help you find the best unforgettable gift this February. 

1) Solid Gold Jewelry

One trend we noticed in 2022 is women buying gold jewelry for themselves, so why not get them what they want! 14kt gold serves as an ideal, understated but elegant option that can be worn year round. Don't fall into the trap of gold-plated or vermeil (pronounced ver-may, gold over sterling silver). These pieces have the shine for a great first impression, but are quick to chip and tarnish over time. Consider something like these cute 14kt hoops earrings, or a 14kt gold adjustable bracelet! 

 2) Pearls

There might be no one happier about pearls' big comeback than us at Jewelmak Shop. It's a classic staple that is being re-created in new and creative ways. Pearls have a unique history as a symbol of love, wisdom, and luxury. A perfect way to show your everlasting love. We recommend doing a matching set, like this pearl earring and necklace combination, to give a whole new look for your loved one. 

 Products Pictured: 53-26985 | 51-25866

 3) Garnet

Valentine's Day is known its red-colored gifts, so we're throwing garnet into the mix as a great accented option. Known to symbolize Love and Friendship, this gemstone serves as a great option without any over-the-top flair. You can pair it with diamonds for extra brilliance, or keep it simple if you don't want to break the bank. Consider this garnet necklace or some chandelier earrings for added elegance.

4) Diamonds

How could we mention Valentine's Day without Diamond Jewelry? A timeless gemstone that symbolizes your investment to your relationship with your loved one, Diamonds impress without fail. BUT, just because of their significance, that does not mean you have to subscribe to the traditional styles. Combine with gemstones and pearls, and you have more meaningful and unique styles that show your sincerity and thoughtfulness. 



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