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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023

Gifting for Mom

With Mother’s Day around the corner, everyone's looking for the perfect gift for mom. While there’s no shortage of personal gift ideas, jewelry is always an excellent way to go.

We'll help you plan ahead and find the perfect gift for all the moms in your life. 

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14-karat Gold

There’s a reason 14 karat gold is such a prized possession. It doesn’t tarnish, it shimmers with minimal effort, and it lasts a lifetime. Gold plated, Sterling Silver, and 10k gold are all good options and will still get a wow, but check back in 1-3 years and you likely have a chipped, tarnished, or even rusting piece. I’ve been wearing a 14kt gold necklace for over 12 years with zero maintenance, and it’s still shimmering like you’d never believe. Take a look below! 

Get Personal

One of the easiest and most meaningful gifts is a birthstone piece. Here’s a breakdown to make it easy. Keep in mind there are often a couple (or more) for each month! 

January - Garnet

February - Amethyst

March - Aquamarine/Blue Topaz

April - Diamond, White Topaz, Quartz

May - Emerald, Agate

June - Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite

July - Ruby

August - Peridot, Spinel

September - Sapphire

October - Opal, Tourmaline

November - Topaz, Citrine

December - Blue Topaz/Zircon, Tanzanite, Turquoise



The Classics

We have a wide variety of products in Jewelmak Shop that cover virtually every age range. Across all, the classic styles are always a hit because they are so versatile. Some gemstones that typically fall into this versatile category are Pearls, Black Onyx, Diamonds, and Blue Topaz (honorable mention to Jade, which is a bit more specific). We’ve made sure to include these in our gifting guide, but you can also browse by gemstone to see everything we currently offer for these gemstones. 


Our trend reports and sales help us get an idea of what people are buying for Mother’s Day. In 2023, jewelry stacking is IN. Whether it be earrings, rings bracelets, or necklaces, people are layering and stacking everything this year. Gifting pieces that are small enough to stack, or better yet, gifting multiple pieces that can be stacked together will certainly go a long way. We love stacking plain gold pieces with gemstone pieces, as well as larger pieces paired with smaller pieces. In 2023, it's all about the contrast and balance. Check out our stacking collection for more guidance!

Pick Favorites!

Much like birthstones, another simple (but effective) question to think about is: What is my mom’s favorite color/gemstone? What stone or color does she wear most? If you're unsure, we recommend the simple palette: white/pearls, diamonds, black onyx. If you’re sure enough that mom loves color, go multi-gemstone for some variety. Summer is right around the corner, after all! Check out our Candy Collection for multicolored pieces. You can browse by color and/or gemstone our site to help make the decision easy! 

Ask for help!!

Most importantly, asking for help is always an option! I’m not even recommending asking us, but we do have chat support readily available to help you pick the perfect item out, from getting more specific sizing, to brainstorming ideas. But you can also ask your friends and family for opinions. If you’re getting a 14k piece that will last a long time, you want to make sure you get it right! 

Here is a link to our Mother’s Day Gifting Guide, which recaps a lot of what we just covered, but is just a preview of everything we have available!
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