Quality & Fair Trade

Committed to Quality

Even before Jewelmak’s birth, Founder & CEO Andy Goetz strived for perfection. Good jewelry was never enough. That’s why all our gemstones and gold findings go through rigorous quality control. Our network of suppliers are carefully examined, and many partners must pass extensive audit processes to ensure they can be trusted for even our most thorough clients worldwide. This means that our customers get the cream of the crop when it comes to our assortment of gemstones and 14kt gold.

What you can expect from our superstar team of artisans in Manhattan is expertly cut, clean VS-grade gemstones with exquisite shine and guaranteed durability. We offer repairs and replacements to all of our customers, and want our customers to feel a part of our Jewelmak family (and we promise we’re not just saying that)!

Design & Craftsmanship

Our Drive for Beautiful Creations

Being a wholesaler and e-retailer, we have the unique gift of hearing sentiment from both sides of the commerce world. At numerous jewelry conferences each year, we get feedback on what pieces sell well, and what jewelers are anticipating in our upcoming seasons. On our website, we have reviews and feedback telling us what our customers want. We are driven by this feedback (as it’s very important to us) to actively engage with our customers and decide what’s next. We’re not afraid to fail. No idea is too far-fetched. We’re constantly searching for new designs and guiding our clients towards what’s next. We encourage reaching out to us; every feedback form is reviewed by our directors and CEO.

All our pieces are carefully designed and hand-crafted in our New York city studio.