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What is the Meaning of Jade On Chinese/Lunar New Year?

Jade has a very lengthy history, especially in China, dating back as far as 3500-2000 BCE. Historically, it was used to make sacrificial and ritual objects. Jade is still one of the most highly valued items in Chinese culture today. Confucius expressed jade as a metaphor for virtue, kindness, wisdom, justice, civility, music, sincerity, truth, Heaven and Earth. 

In current times, Jade is a very popular gift not just for those of East-Asian descent. It is said to symbolize and promote luck and good fortune, as well as hope. It is also a symbol for new beginnings, which explains why it is so popular around the Lunar New Year. 

People around the world wear jade throughout the New Year period (usually about 23 days) to ward off bad luck and bring good fortune their way. In 2023, the year of the Rabbit starts January 22nd and the festivities conclude with the Lantern Festival on February 5th. 

The designs of jade jewelry are often very similar, with simple rounded shapes paired with 14kt gold and/or other precious metals. There are a few kinds of jade that you may see at jewelry stores. There is Natural Jadeite, a lighter, paler green hue, which goes untreated. A bright green natural jadeite is much rarer and thus tougher to find. What most people are familiar with is Dyed Jadeite, which has a very bright green hue. There is also Nephrite Jade, which is natural, and a much darker green hue. 

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter much which Jade you end up wearing and/or gifting for the New Year, as long as the pieces are built to last a long time and have sentimental value to you and your loved ones. Jewelmak Shop has plenty to offer for all kinds of shoppers, which styles that are both beautiful and built to last a lifetime. Shop today and celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with good fortune and hope. We all can agree that it is needed for 2023! 


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