We have worked hard to get our gold to 90% traceability, and we are committed to having 100% of our gold traceable by 2023. We do extensive tracing on our gemstones to find their origins as well. Jewelmak refuses to work with suppliers in conflict regions or in violation of human rights. We comply with strict code of conduct rules in our supply chain and carry out two annual audits (GMP & CoC) for us and our suppliers.

We are aware of the negative impact that mining operations have on the environment, as well as the poor treatment of workers in those regions. That’s why we currently use over 90% recycled gold for our products, and only want to use more! 

Learn more about the effects on mined gold here: 


We source our cultured freshwater pearls from some of the best and most responsible suppliers across Asia, where our relationships ensure the highest quality AAA-grade pearls. This means our customers are getting some of the best pearls on the market without worrying about habitat destruction and pollution of the seas, and for an incredible price!