Our Mission

We're breaking down the barrier between jewelry manufacturing and the customer. 

Founder of Jewelmak Andy Goetz with his daughter, Diamond.

Since 1992, our mission remains the same: Help you express yourself with affordable fine jewelry that’s fun, exciting and comfortable to wear. 

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Our Story

Starting as a wholesale and manufacturer for companies across the world, Founder and President Andy Goetz established Jewelmak Fine Jewelry as a constant presence in jewelry stores and chains in every neighborhood. If you've shopped in major jewelry retail stores in America, you've probably seen our pieces around without knowing it. Now, we're confidently establishing our brand name for ourselves, and growing our community here at our e-outlet, Jewelmak Shop. That means you get access to hundreds of styles and our exceptional customer service at unbeatable prices to find your perfect selection of everyday, gorgeous 14kt gold and gemstone styles.  


14k Yellow Gold Black Onyx Bezel Earring at Jewelmak Shop

Who We Are

Our team is, frankly, obsessed with quality. For the past 30 years, Jewelmak has carried out rigorous quality control standards and supplier audits to ensure every part sourced comes from the most reputable, sustainable, and meticulous suppliers. 

Don't let our photography and social media presence fool you. We're a small family business, and every order, interaction, and/or bit of feedback we get is incredibly valued. Each review and request is seen by President Andy Goetz and his son Dillon Goetz. This is how we've become the company we are. Whether it's our retailers at trade shows, or our customers across the eCommerce world, we're constantly seeking feedback and making changes to create cutting edge, unique styles that everyone will love and cherish.